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Voluntary Amalgamation

The Board and Chairs of Central Bayside Community Health Services, Connect Health & Community and Star Health have come together to explore the potential for a voluntary amalgamation of our organisations.  

Our organisations deliver similar and often interconnected services with a shared goal of providing better health, wellbeing, and support outcomes for people within the inner south, and southeast suburbs of Melbourne.


We acknowledge that clients are increasingly experiencing replication in the services offered across the organisations and a voluntary amalgamation would help to reduce service silos and help to improve client access to services. 

Together we can advocate for our communities, including leading up to State and Federal elections in 2022. Combined we represent more clients and a larger geographic area, making our voice stronger and louder.


We are confident that our values, objectives, and visions for the future align with each other. 

Honoring our past and preparing for the future

Central Bayside Community Health Services, Connect Health & Community and Star Health have distinguished histories of service in the local community that span more than 40 years,

and share a commitment to those most in need.


All three organisations have an unshakable commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing

of vulnerable communities, including the elderly and people with different abilities

Central Bayside Community Health Services is a not-for-profit organisation that has been serving the local community for more

than 30 years.


Based in the City of Kingston, its main site is located in Parkdale.


CBCHS also offers programs and services from other venues in Chelsea, Clarinda, Mentone, Cheltenham, Clayton, Edithvale, as well as in the community.

Connect Health & Community is a not-for-profit community health service, helping residents in the southeast, Bayside and Glen Eira areas.


They are the largest provider of problem gambling services in Victoria and have been providing health and social services to the local community for more than 40 years. 


Connect Health & Community offers programs and services across the southeast of Melbourne with locations in Bentleigh East, Cheltenham and Sandringham.

Star Health has been a leading not-for-profit health service in the inner-south and beyond

for over 40 years.


Star Health offers programs

and services across the southeast of Melbourne in Bentleigh, Prahran, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne

and St Kilda.

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Our Vision

The voluntary amalgamation between Central Bayside Community Health Services,

Connect Health & Community and Star Health is driven by the following three principles;

Our clients are our reason for being, so they will be considered first

throughout all stages of the voluntary amalgamation process. 

A voluntarily amalgamated entity will retain all current services provided by the three

organisations with none of those services diminished in any way. 

Every effort will be made to provide continuity for clients with their health practitioners.

Transition programs will be established for clients if practitioners are promoted or accept

new roles for career development as part of a voluntary amalgamation.

Our vision is for a larger amalgamated entity that connects a variety of services to be built in a way that

provides better access to services for clients and provides staff with more career progression

and experience opportunities, to attract the best workforce possible.  

This aligns with a core objectives of the voluntary amalgamation which is to improve health

and wellbeing services broadly and establish the best and most motivated

workforce possible to help achieve that goal.

We look forward to the voluntarily amalgamated organisation building more specialist services

in partnership with consumers, community organisations and stakeholders.

This will also help to introduce new services to our catchment area,

including communities that do not currently have access to these services.

Better for staff, clients & community

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If you have any questions about the voluntary amalgamation,

please contact either Central Bayside Community Health,

Connect Health & Community or Star Health on the details below: